Protecting the Pack

Our Mission

It is our mission to connect through reunions, gatherings, and general outreach for both Active Duty and Veteran US Marines, Navy Corpsmen and Goldstar Family members from the 3rd Light Armored Infantry LAI /  Light Armored Reconnaissance LAR Battalion. This promotes overall brotherhood, mental support, crisis support, and better relationships with their families, in the hopes of lessening the chances of suicide, divorce, and isolation from PTSD.  

Our Purpose


Promote Brotherhood

Being a Marine means being a BROTHER for life.  It is our First Purpose to promote the continuation of the Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful - followed closely by "Once a Marine, Always a Marine."   

We do this by providing various lines of communication through social media or "Buddy Check" with personal outreach.  

We also host Biennial  (every two years) Reunions in various locations around the nation to get Wolfpack members together, in person, to experience our BROTHERHOOD once again. 


Crisis Support

Like any close knit family, Brothers experience crisis from time to time.  Our experiences in Combat - Desert Storm, Somalia, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom are but a few of the events that created battle-hardened Marines.  However, we know that not all crises' arise from a combat experience, just living day to day in our post-Marine Corps World can provide stresses that may take a Marine over the edge.

To reduce the impact such stressors as PTSD, family, various other issues, we have created an internal engagement network along with external service providers to help our Marines when they feel close to the edge.


Gold Star Families

The Wolfpack has many Gold Star Family members as a part of our membership.  Just as we never leave a Brother behind, we never leave a Family behind either.   

We provide lines of communication that allow our Gold Star Families to reach out to us in times of need.  Regardless of the type of support needed, we are there to assist. 

In addition, we proactively include the Gold Star Families in every 3rd LAI/LAR Battalion Wolfpack Association event - including but not limited to our reunions.   The loss of a Marine Brother to us means the loss of a Son, Husband, Father, or biological Brother to our Marine Families.   They too are our Family - as a result we stay engaged.

The 37th Commandant Reinforced our Purpose


General Robert B. Neller - 37th Commandant of the Marine Corps

General Neller is one of many former Wolfpack Commanding Officers to become a Flag Officer; the first to earn four stars and first to become the Commandant.

As Battalion Commander, he took elements of the Wolfpack to Somalia in support of Operation Restore Hope.

In 2017, he provided this video to remind us why we do what we do and encouraged us to continue doing great things - long after we depart from Active Duty.

You can view his remarks by clicking the link below - Semper Fidelis.